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Hi Anna 

 I would just like the say and point out the achievements and progress k has made since attending Intuition school.

As we know when he began the school in September 2021 K’s anxiety was through the roof, he was a very shy boy who never once believed in himself.

Us as parents have seen K improve massively to the point now where he will use public transport from school which as we know this just was not an option before. Yes, K does still have his bad days but I must say these are far and few between now whereas before it was a struggle to get K to go into school every morning, K would physically vomit on the way to school because of his anxiety...this has now stopped.

Also going through one of the hardest times of our life's losing my dad /K’s grandad. 

We knew he was ill and fighting a terminal illness where in this time K spent a lot of time with his grandad and took it upon himself to care for his grandad. He would do everything he possibly could and never once complained. Doing his grandads garden, fetching grandad food even making sure his grandad was comfy in bed and covering him over and asking if everything was OK. Now at the end, on the day he passed, K was there (because his grandad asked for people to be there) as parents we doubted this and how it would affect K’s mental health.

The strength K has shown during this time has been absolutely phenomenal. After he passed K’s words were just absolutely mature. He understood that grandad is now in a better place and K said just how peaceful he looked. K also wanted to wheel the coffin in the church and knew the maturity of how he had to dress and look! 

The way K did it, well I must say he made us so so proud...he's 13! And he handled it like a man. 

The funeral director literally took her hat off to us and said how proud we should be. 

I must say we do feel proud when we get comments about our children but also we know we have Intuition to thank for how much K has come on in life...the help and support has been Impeccable. Understanding completely how K would feel during this time...the support of being able talk to someone if he needed to...the farm on a Monday which is something K loves and talks about all the time...even on days when it's cold he will still get them wellies on. Also the activities the school plans which K has taken part in, going to the theatre and on trips to the pottery places...we as a family used to struggle going these places with K as he would get anxious and absolutely hate it...all’s I can say is K is nailing it big time now he is in the right placement. The school sees K’s strength and will push him more to exceed in his strengths, And this is what we will be for ever thankful for.

Many thanks so much 

Parents of K

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