Intuition is a small special school which caters for up to 12 pupils aged 11- 16 years, who have special educational needs associated their emotional and social needs.


All the students at Intuition have a Statement of Special Needs or an Education Health and Care plan. The Local Authority identifies the students who require a placement at the school based on the outcome of their assessment of the pupils and their admissions policy.

Admission Procedure

Referrals for admission to School will arise from a Students Statement of Special Education Needs or Annual Review recommendations agreed by the LA where Intuition School is named.

 Decisions regarding naming a school on a statement are a matter for the LA through its Statement Assessment Panel. A consultation is then sent to Intuition to see if they can meet the students needs.

 Admissions will be co-ordinated by the Education Officer (Special Educational Needs / Statutory Assessment). Parents will have been consulted throughout the process of naming Intuition School on their child’s statement.

(Parents have the right to appeal to the SEN tribunal if they disagree with the proposals made by the LA).

During or prior to the Statement of Special Educational Needs parents and prospective students will make an appointment to visit Intuition School to discuss the school and individual pupils SEN and curriculum needs. During this visit parents/families will be made welcome and made aware of the school website which includes a synopsis of all policies. During this visit amember of the support team will complete an initial assessment to ascertain if we are the most suitable school

Intuition has a policy to admit pupils throughout the academic year if places are available for pupils. There may be circumstances where pupils join us during the academic year from a mainstream school, when this happens an induction programme will be arranged by the child’s class teacher, to enable the pupil to make a smooth transition and to maintain links with the mainstream school.

We also take a small number of alternative provision students, usually as a 10 week intervention placement or to support the statutory assessment process. In these cases we work very closely with the child's home school and build a multi agency support team around them. Referrals to for alternative provision are directed via the local authority on request of the home school

Pupil Induction

All Pupils are made very welcome at Intuition School and the following strategies are put into place to provide the pupil with a smooth transition.

The pupil’s statement will be filed in the individual pupils record; any sample work from previous school will be sent to class teacher and other confidential records put into the office file. Teachers familiarise themselves with the relevant information when expecting a new pupil.

 The teacher will liaise with the feeder placement to arrange a personal transition plan

 During the transition visits the pupil is met by the teacher and familiarised with the class and school.

 The new pupil is introduced in assembly where appropriate. 

 The new pupil is introduced to class mates.

 A ‘Buddy’ system is initiated by the teacher with sufficient cueing for the buddy to fulfil the role.

 The security system is explained by a member of the class team.

 A homework diary / home-school book is provided (as appropriate)

 The school rules and class are explained by the class teacher.

 Information given on who to talk to if worried or frightened is discussed with a member of the staff team.

Please Contact the local authority Special Educational Needs Team if you wish to discuss admission to our school.

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