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Personal development is the key to our schools success. Intuition is a small specialist school based in Stoke on Trent catering for a vibrant population of truly outstanding young people.  Most of our students alongside their families have been on long and tiresome educational journeys before we have the pleasure of meeting them. Therefore we owe it to them to make sure they are at the very heart of everything that the school does, valued by a dedicated multi-disciplinary team of staff who will always go the extra mile.  Through this highly experienced team, and excellent school resources, we are able to provide a challenging and rewarding learning environment for all of our individual students. One in which we can nurture them, to ensure that they grow, learn and develop in a safe, secure and caring environment.

We hope that our students are happy and supported to reach their full potential. We can only fully do this, by working in partnership with parents, carers and  services to provide an inclusive school community. I hope that our website serves to give you some insight into a school where we connect with stakeholders to put real value in each other and aim to work together and achieve together as we discover our life purpose and potential.

Our personal development programme celebates the community that we live in and also the world around us provideing exposure to culture and diversity. We enable students to reengage with education when it has often seemed the most dificult task and then support them into next steps and a future vision to support them into adult hood.



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