In-Tuition Independent Special School adopts the hallmarks of what we feel contributes to an inclusive, accessible, fun and dynamic curriculum, developing the whole persons knowledge, skills, understanding and attitudes. Our curriculum is broad and balanced, enabling clear progression in subject knowledge and skills, enhanced by educational visits and extra curricula activities. Continual curriculum development ensures that we maintain a flexible and responsive approach towards our students needs and interests.

Our learners study a full curriculum. We ensure this by teaching a full range of subjects. Where relevant, this will be reflected in results from the qualifications obtained and national test results.  The extensive qualifications our curriculum allows students to gain will allow them to go on to destinations that meet their interests, aspirations and the intention of their course of study.

The qualifications we offer intend to drive progression and outcomes all the way to level 2. Our Curriculum is well planned and ensures that students of all abilities, including those with special education needs, are able to acquire knowledge and understanding, develop and practise new skills and make progress in a range of areas of learning.                                                                                         

Literacy, Numeracy and Personal and Social Development form the foundations of our curriculum. English and Maths are embedded discreetly in all subjects to re-enforce learning and less discreet Maths and English Skills Builders are taught weekly during our 3 x weekly intervention sessions. We ensure that core subjects are taught in the mornings when our students are more focused. In the afternoon the curriculum becomes more practical and active and includes Learning Strategies, Catering, Team Building, Art, John Muir, PE, Forest School and Horticulture.


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